FiberGLASS MopHANDLE for professional cleaning

FiberGLASS MopHANDLE 140 cm

FiberGLASS MopHANDLE for professional cleaning

Designed for professional use, the BONUSPRO fiberglass mop is our dream product for quality floor cleaning.

This product is a must have for professional cleaning. It has all the features needed to clean industrial flooring. Thanks to its very long 140 cm design, it is perfectly suited for large-scale environments: it can be used to mop open spaces, larger halls, shopping malls, office buildings or to access zig-zag floors.

Heavy Duty

It is compatible with all BONUS mop heads, including one of the most effective versions for professional cleaning, the FlatMOP. This flexible product with a good grip withstands heavy use, making it particularly suitable for intensive, frequent cleaning. The premium, high-quality fiberglass mop handle has a sleek, clean appearance that also makes it a favorite in professional circles.

B098 BonusPRO FiberGLASS MopHANDLE 140 cm
Eco tips for a sustainable future

Eco-tip: For maximum hygiene, it is recommended to suspend the handle after use by using the hole at the end so the mop can dry completely, lowering the risk of bacterial growth.

Color coded cleaning
Štvorfarebná čistota

Produkt je dostupný v štyroch farbách, preto je možné na všetky úlohy využiť inú farbu.

FiberGLASS MopHANDLE 140 cm
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